Forced to Masturbate is a site dedicated to videos of men forced to masturbate by women. Our videos cover all aspects of forced masturbation from guys being forced to masterbate in front girls to men being jacked off and forced to cum by dominant women. Whether you are into forced male masturbation, femdom handjobs or both, you are sure to find something here that sparks your imagination and gets your cock hard!

New Femdom Videos - The English Mansion

Guys, I have just heard that Mistress Sidonia from The English Mansion is doing a special Xmas promo involving two feature updates per day over the next 50 days (starts today, 22nd Nov 2012). That's 100 brand new scenes featuring 25 different Dominas in total. You won't get a better offer than this for a long time so jump on it now while you've got the chance.

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Forced Masturbation Movies - Rough Femdom Handjob Video

Rough Femdom Handjob Video

Student Forced Masturbation - Watch Here

This latest addition to our collection of forced masturbation movies is a rough femdom handjob video that will leave you drained in every way. If you like rough forceful handjobs combined with excellent domination and submission then this is just the video for you. I won't reveal the full scenario for you except to say that it involves a college tutor and a student who wants to improve her grades - but when the tutor refuses her advances she turns to blackmail and force to get what she wants from him!

You can watch this forced masturbation and rough femdom handjob movie right now by following this link...

Rough Student Handjob - Click Here

Male Forced Masturbation - Female Cop Abuses Prisoner

Female Cop Abuses Prisoner

Prisoner Abuse Video - Watch Here

Today's download is a male forced masturbation video in which a female cop abuses her prisoner by pulling down his pants and jerking him off against his will. The guy is handcuffed behind his back and can't do anything to stop the cop from jacking him off. The prisoner tries hard not to get aroused but with the cop's hand squeezing his balls he can't help getting an involuntary erection. This is just what the cop wants and she starts to stroke the length of his hardening shaft in slow steady movements. As the guy's cock gets harder her pace increases until she is jacking him off in quick jerks that soon lead to the inevitable humiliating ejaculation.

Female Cop Handjob Video - Click Here

Bound and Forced Masturbation - Tied Up and Jacked Off

Tied Up and Jacked Off

Tied & Jacked Off - Watch Here

This video is another example of bound and forced masturbation in which a guy is tied up and jacked off by a dominant woman. There is a lot of power play going on in this video and the fact that the guy is tied at the wrists means that the woman can tease his cock as much as she likes and there is nothing he can do about it. She uses this power to take him right to the edge several times and then stop just before he is about to cum. From being a reluctant victim of forced masturbation she turns him round completely to the point where he is begging her to make him cum!

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Forced Masturbation Videos - Femdom Milking Session

Femdom Milking Session

Femdom Milking Video - Watch Here

Amongst my collection of forced masturbation videos I have a number of femdom milking videos where the guy is forced to cum against his will. It's not exactly forced masturbation but more like forced milking or forced ejaculation. It's a slightly different kink, but if you like seeing guys forced to masturbate then you will probably like some of my femdom milking videos too. The video I am posting today features a guy being force-milked by three women and it's a great example of the crossover appeal of forced masturbation and forced milking. Check it out on the link below...

Forced Milking Video - Click Here